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  • Benchmarking
  • Electronic Management Tool
  • CSI Coaching and Capacity Building
  • Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluating
  • Social Reports
  • Electronic Management Tool – CSI Navigator

CSI Toolkit

CSI Solutions has published The CSI Toolkit, a practical ‘how-to’ guide on investing CSI funds effectively.

It is the first publication of its kind in South Africa and provides invaluable information on the process, from developing a strategy to identifying, planning, managing and exiting community development projects.

LBG Model

London Benchmarking Group (LBG) International is a global network of 150 companies using the LBG Model to improve the management, measurement and reporting of Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

The LBG Model is a management framework for CSI professionals to:

  • Value inputs,
  • Assess outputs,
  • Measure the impact

CSI Library

The CSI Library is an extensive resource base that we are continuously improving and adding to. It consists of:

  • Case Studies
  • Templates and checklists
  • Support Tools
  • Articles, Reports, Papers
  • Social, CSR & Sustainability Reports

CSI Solutions, a company with a real passion for the development of
South Africa

Leading and driving Corporate Social Investment Initiatives, trends and creative solutions. Our people are passionate about ensuring sustainable development and real impact in the communities in which we work.

Our mission is to add strategic planning, impact and reporting to social investment and development initiatives by assisting organisations in the development and implementation of sustainable projects. We aim to closely monitor and evaluate projects to ensure that investments are utilised to their full potential and increase projects’ chances of sustainability.

We guarantee to always maintain high ethical and moral codes of conduct in our business and community involvement. We respect and value all stakeholders and strive to work in their best interests at all times.